Roam Report.


This tool works best using a modern desktop web browser. DO NOT USE Internet Explorer.

Due to API rate limitations it may take some time to generate a report from large chat logs.

How it works?

1. Everyone in fleet types at some point in fleet chat.

2. Wait for kills to be updated on zKillboard. (up to 60 mins)

3. Drag and Drop chat log here. (Chat log, NOT fleet log!)

You can paste text from multiple chat logs to combine them (in case of disconnects during fleet). Data may be inaccurate if pilots changed corp since the fleet took place! This tool is not optimized for NPSI fleets!

This tool was originally brought to you by Laser Skaron, previously maintained by Arto Hagnar, and currently maintained by Marn Vermuldir. Eve-mail or reach out via Discord DM (via EVE University Discord) if you have any questions.